Aluminium made from molten metal

Formats shown are available as Deoxidation–Aluminium Al 94 - 98% as well as High-Grade Aluminium in Al 99,0 – 99,7%. A wide variety of packaging is possible. As a standard, we supply our products in bulk, or stacked on Pallets, or in Big Bags. Should you desire other ways of packaging, please do contact us.

Ingot 1

Ingot 2






Mini Dab


Granules made from mechanical processing

The Granules shown here are just a sample of what we are able to provide. Chemical Purity, Surface, Grain Structure etc. will be selected according to Customer Requirements and will be manufactured individually just as suits the purpose. Here, too, there is a wide range of packaging options available - even a transport in bulk in a Silo Vehicle.

Granules 1

Granules 2

Granules 3

Granules 4

Granules 5

Granules 6

Granules 7

Granules 8

Granules 9